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Smash Brothers 3DS

So, I got my hands on this game. Have a multitude of mixed feelings on it. Overall, I like it, but not without giving the game glares from time to time.

The Good

-Plays how you’d expect a SB game to play. A few game tweaks here and there and smooth single player gaming, even with all the crazy stuff on the screen. I’m impressed with the 3DS’s capability, actually 

-HUGE roster

-Plenty of stages. Some hitting right in the nostalgic feels. They even have a scrolling stage of the first Mario Brother’s level. 

-Existing characters have had some interesting tweaks, like Pikachu’s thunder (Down+Special) being able to travel through some floors, instead of the move being utterly useless on some stages

-Existing characters could have their move set edited, which is pretty dope. Add to this, they added an item system which allows you to change the character’s disposition, from heavy hitter, to speedy, to defensive…and so on.

-Miis are also quite customizable, versatile, and actually keep up with the rest of the roster. I was afraid they’d be low tier, but selecting the right combination of moves can put them pretty up there. They also get stat changing items, like the rest of the roster.

-Music is pretty dope…hitting right in the feels just as good as the stages do.

-Lots of things to unlock, which gives its single player modes a bit of more purpose, versus simply unlocking the characters and calling it a day.

The Bad

-Single player is BORING. Its just Smash, some mini-games, All-Star, smash run, and classic. There is no story mode which is arguably one of the best things Brawl had.

-Lots of things to unlock…which would’ve been great had it not been for the above statement. Unlocking the characters is as simple as just sitting in Smash and running 120 single stock matches you don’t even have to win. Smash Run allows for the most items, from what I’ve seen, but it just feels like a 3 minute mini-game build up to, yeah, just another smash OR sometimes another mini-game. Meh.

-3DS controls. They take a while of tweaking to get into a comfortable position (thankfully, buttons can be customized) but you still feel carpal tunnel looming closer every moment you play

-Some character tweaks. For example, Zelda/Shiek have been permanently separated into two separate characters. Pokemon Trainer didn’t nail the roster, but Charizard did (wat?) 

-You can customize your Miis with all kinds of outfits, yet they can’t be used during online play, which defeats the whole bloody point, outside of just single player enjoyment.

-Online play. Period.

-The street pass minigame just isn’t fun. At least not for me. I would’ve rathered your street pass hit to have been a customized Mii entering your game than that. 

-Some of the items in the game don’t assist you with the win, they literally just hand it to you. Granted, there were a few items that almost did this already (like the hammer) but why did they add MORE 1-shot kill items? That just begs them to be turned off that much more. 

Overall, even with all my whining, its still not a bad game. Easily best fighter on the 3DS (though it didn’t have much competition.) Its good for a portable Smash Brothers fix, but I’m sure we’re all waiting patiently for the console release. I’m hoping that will have story mode and not just be a copy+paste of the 3DS version with better graphics. 

What are your thoughts?

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