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Genetic Racial Diversity Theory

By D’Angelo Reyes

I would like to start with the important stuff. First and foremost, thank you for taking the interest in reading one of my crazy observations. To be bluntly honest and to get this out of the way, I don’t have a degree in what I’m about to cover. My education stretches into college, but due to financial constraints (books are bloody expensive), that adventure ended prematurely. Add to that, I was going for computer programming, so not even relative to this article. For the most part, take this for what it is; written interpretation of the observations from an average Joe. Have an open mind! This is only a theory anyway.

Now for the whole point of this article. Let the Darwinism begin! What is my “Genetic Racial Diversity” theory? The “too long; didn’t read” version is that I feel that racially mixed humans (Puerto Rican and African American mixed kids, for example) are the next stage of human evolution. This article will expand on why I feel like this.

Let’s go with some basics. From what I’ve seen and even read1 mixed humans tend to be better looking, smarter, and even more athletic than those that choose to stick to their own. That’s, of course, not to say that someone who isn’t mixed aren’t just as capable. This is more based on, well, how often do you see a mixed person who doesn’t seem to have a physical edge? Of course they exist, but just not at the same rate as some of us “pure bloods”. Why is this?

Let’s jump into a topic most find gross. Removing the social/moral view point of the following, why shouldn’t a brother and sister have a kid together? The child has a high chance of being born with deformities, as you most likely guessed. This is almost considered common knowledge. To my understanding, genetics that are that similar (basically siblings) have a heightened chance of deformity. This is why people can get away with falling for a cousin (twice over? Thrice? Can’t say I’m sure.) You can already see where I’m going with this; the greater the genetic difference between parents, the lesser chance at a child with deformities (hereditary diseases not withstanding, keep in mind I’m targeting a general audience, you as an individual have your own quips in your genes.)

Your genetics work similarly to your thirst for knowledge. Heck, you’ve made it this far, right? Genetics benefit from new information. Siblings offer nothing new to each other, genetically. In a sense, its almost like your genes are so bored from seeing reruns that they get sloppy when it comes to making a new born.

Let’s swing back to my original theory with genetic boredom in mind. Unfortunately thanks to ignorance (read: racists), families have this strange fixation with keeping their blood lines “pure”. Italians with Italians, Haitians with Haitians, Koreans with Koreans, so on. This backwards ideology has literally stunted our ability to evolve. Imagine how bored genes are in that environment! Its something that we’ve gotten away with for a while, simply because, as a species, we were still low in numbers when you compare the human population to what it is today. Where are we now, six or seven billion? Combine the sheer number of people, the rate of reproduction, the fact that most date within their own community, AND sticking to people that are of similar genetic make up (same race). Chances are that people who don’t think they’re related are actually very distant cousins2. Even with that much genetic separation, there still lies enough genetic racial similarities that may trigger a weakening of the genetic mix up. It may even hold the truth behind diseases who’s origin is still a mystery to us, like certain forms of autism and multiple sclerosis.

Evolution is a direct result of adapting to survive natural selection. We, as humans, are exceptional at this. Darker skin handle direct sunlight better than lighter skin3. People born in colder climates can engage Winters with as little as a shirt, shorts, and sneakers. Heck, I was born in Florida. I don’t complain about the heat anywhere near the capacity of me whining that its cold. You get the idea. Before flying became as simple as ordering a ticket online, humans exploring the globe was more of an adventure than a simple weekend getaway. Environmental weaknesses proved to be fatal for some, going as far back as the Mayflower. At this point of our evolutionary stage, however, it would benefit us to genetically guide our future generations to be more easily adaptive to a broader range of climates (a point in our evolutionary stage we are behind on.)

This is why its imperative that we finally tear down the psychological walls we’ve built to segregate us as a single species. Racism has literally stunted our true potential. We need to finally unite as a species and stop treating each other negatively based on the color of the skin or based on which country one was born on. Worse, stop teasing mixed people. They’re just as human as anyone else. Embrace your fellow man, because at the end of the day, we’re all Earthlings after all.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m encouraging you to either avoid your own race or dumping your partner for similar reasons. That’s silly. What I am asking is for you to simply unshackle your heart. Let it guide you to your true love, no matter what race or gender he or she may be. Don’t limit yourself for some weird idea that dating outside of your race is a negative, but don’t completely outcast your own race either. Allow your love to take you where you need to be.

Even those that require a surrogate mother or father can jump in on this, more easily. You guys and gals walking that path could actually help pave the way for the rest of us! That’s right LGBT, barren mothers, and sterile fathers; you can smile bright towards the people that shun you knowing that you’ve improved our species. All in the name of equality and love.

Don’t be afraid to let your heart guide you and stop letting hate guide you. Its about time we finally unite for a better tomorrow.

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Rape is the only crime on the books for which arguing that the temptation to commit it was too clear and obvious to resist is treated as a defence. For every other crime, we call that a confession.

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What if gay was the norm and hetero was a sin?

Prepare for the feels. Like. Holy fuck. Prepare for the feels. 

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